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Feeling comfortable counts anywhere. Not just in the living room for example, while the feet lay on the couch, you feel relaxed and a movie runs on TV. And not just in the bedroom, when you lay on that cosy mattress in your favourite bed. Feeling comfortable also counts especially at work. Because for sure you know that sitaution. When that office chair is uncomfortable, sitting on it almost a chore. Whern that desk is too small for all your paper work you have to do. Working is not fun then. Luckily we have a solution for that. Because Wohn Momente are also to be experienced in the Home-Office. Our manufacturers value ergonomics highly. Because sitting in the right chair not only has positive impact on your health, but also on your concentration. Even for the children among us. Since doing your homework works best on chairs specifically designed for children, which you can of course find on our website as well.

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Surely you know that feeling. That feeling you get when everything feels right in your home. When you look around and feel happy. Before that, you probably were looking for that special item. The couch which fits the colour of your walls. That chair which isn't just comfortable but beautiful to look at. That accessory which rounds it all up nicely. Then, sometimes casually, you find it, unpack it. And there it is, that moment. That moment of feeling at home and happy. That is a Wohn Moment.
We love moments like that. But equally, we love sharing them with other people. Because of that we offer a diverse range of products, full of individual Wohn Momente. Furniture, that just waits to change your home into your own little kingdom. Look around, there something there for you for sure: Beds, barstools, sofas, armstools, lounger, outdoor-products and accessories. Create your own Wohn Momente from over 25.000 items.

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